Dianabol Use for Muscles Gain and Enhancing Body Firmness

Dianabol is one of the most popular brands of steroid compounds which are popularly used in countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Dianabol in Australia is relatively inexpensive and cheaper than other kinds of steroids but still these do not compromise with their results in mass gain and increase in strength.

Ideal Usage Cycle for Drug Usage

Every drug can work reliably when taken in appropriate amount and at appropriate timings. Dianobol has its four to six weeks dosage ranging between 25-30 mg per day with its least side effects. Different users require different intake quantity of its dose. Advanced users can take its benefit even by consuming higher dosage which ranges between 60 mg to 70 mg. One should taken prior medical recommendations from health experts for preventing any of the hazardous side effects thereafter using same. One can take a maximum dosage of 120 mcg.

This dose has relatively short half lifeand thus daily dose are taken in three or four times along with meals throughout the day. Most users need to take complete daily dose at one complete sitting at thirty minutes prior to workouts. These ways of dose can create incredible ‘pumps’ while workouts, offering users tremendous improvements in their performance. Ione other additional benefit of taking dosage in part ways that having single dose can lead to higher intake of drug at a time which is harmful. There have been seen an increase in liver stress after taking single heavy dosage that create load on liver. It can also lead to improper blood concentration which is undesired by a person.

Dianabol is mostly used for mass gaining goals whose primary goal was to gain muscles in greater amount. Few specific combinations are as given below-

  • Novice- Testosterone (Enanthate/Cypionate/Sustanon) 500 mg pw, week’s 1-11 Deca 400 mg pw, weeks 1-10. Dianabol 25 mg ed, weeks 1-4.
  • Intermediate- Testosterone (Enanthate/Cypionate/Sustanon) 750 mg pw, weeks 1-11, Deca 600 mg pw, weeks 1-10, Dianabol 35 mg ed, weeks 1-4.

At few times, Dianabol does not act as appropriate choice with its excessive water retention properties for loosing fat. Cardiovascular activity gets accelerated during period of cutting fat and this process is hampered by water retention and painful ‘pumps’.

Side Effects of Dianabol

Dianabol is known for its amazing anabolic and androgenicqualities. Taking dose ranging between 20 mg to 25 mg per day can lead to side effects like ac ne, oily skin and body hair growth. It also leads to male featured baldness. It differs from testosterone that has tendency of ready converting into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) with 5-alpha reductase enzyme and is capable of reducing into stronger androgen namely dihydromethandrosteolone.

This drug has ability of interacting with enzymes aromotase which can result in estrogen side effects. It has high water retention property. Users of Dianabol face high initial weight gain after holding water which can offer them appearance of bloatedness in body, neck and face. This mass gain cannot lead a body to gain muscular shape rather post cycle weight losses are more significant.




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